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Item 1

Dynamically Enhanced (DE) Portable Unit
(Choice of White, Green or Cobalt Blue)

The Portable Unit is the answer when you want to enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion of structured water while you’re out and about, whether around town, at a local restaurant, or on the road travelling.

This small unit packs a punch, creating the entire power of nature as it puts water through the cycle of vortices and energy — imitating the cycle of water running from the mountain peaks tumbling through the rivers and streams making its way to the ocean, and then evaporated again into rain.

That cycle removes memory from water.

Memory such as pollution, upset, pharmaceuticals and more are removed creating the cleanest, purest, most energetically potent water on the planet.

Water that not only heals you, but also heals the planet!

Enhancements and features include:

  • Sleek robust design
  • Absolutely power-packed
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The entire unit is made from food-grade materials
  • It is practically indestructible
  • It is embossed with the “Wu Wei” or Natural Action Chinese symbol in the hand grip area for easier handling
  • It is lightweight at just 9.5 oz
  • So easy to take when you are on the go in backpacks, purses, lunchboxes, and more
  • It drains easily from either end and can be stored with either end up
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Backed by a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime warranty

Use the Portable Unit For:

  • Traveling — structure your drinking water anywhere
  • Structuring juices of any kind to bring even more flavor out of the juice
  • Taking into a restaurant — structure your water, coffee, tea or any other beverages you order
  • Structuring wine and alcohol to take the harsh edge off

What Clients Are Saying About The (DE) Portable Unit

  • I noticed the effects within the first day.

    “I love, love, love my water filter… In fact, I don't leave home without it! I have used all kinds of "conscious water" products and didn't feel any different. With this unit I noticed the effects within the first day. I felt like a deep exhaustion (that I didn't know was there) had left my body. That was just the beginning of the remarkable changes. One of the things the water filter does is structure the water so it embodies a photonic field, photonic fields dissipates positive and negative charges. Which means past emotional content disappears! Our bodies are 70% water, and foe me, having my body being 70% photonic has made being and facilitating consciousness so much easier! Also as each of us embody the photonic field of being we shift everything around us into a photonic field for 1,000 feet! Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone we allowing themselves to relax into their being? Thank you, Clayton and Natural Action Technologies! I'm truly grateful for the contribution to me and the world.” ~ Rikka Zimmerman, Adventures in Onenss

  • Right from the beginning there was a marked difference.

    “I used the Natural Action Water on my wheatgrass. When I purchased the Natural Action Water DE Portable I told myself that I would have to see or experience clear and concrete benefits, so I did a test and used regular tap for one tray and Natural Action Water for the other. Right from the beginning there was a marked difference, and it's very clear in the finished trays. My 2 grown sons were entirely doubtful. But when they saw the wheat grass trays they wanted to use it at every opportunity! One glance at the trays tells the difference, you do not have to hem and haw and try to figure it out etc. Very amazing!” ~ Janice

  • Skin condition improved, and skin is soft.

    “Two weeks ago we purchased a whole house Structured Water unit and a portable Structured Water device. We also took a chance and had our water softener removed and taken away. Wow! My wife loves our Structured Water unit. She does not miss the water softener at all, her hair is soft and so is her skin. Another neat thing is for years she had been fighting with a skin condition on her nose that left the bridge of her nose rough and scaly and she had to use a prescription to make it go away, however now in just two weeks her skin condition has gone back to normal and the rough spot is gone. She has also noticed that her skin is looking more youthful.I have noticed that my mental clarity and energy is much improved.” ~ Lin & Mike; Decatur, Indiana

The Portable Unit is a wonderful way to improve the flavor, neutralize the toxins, and increase the energy of any beverage.

Enjoy the benefits of structuring your water, coffee, soda, tea, juice, beer, wine — any beverage of your choice — and because it’s small and portable, you can literally use it anywhere.

Just pour any liquid through the unit into a glass or container. And, to have an even greater impact on what you’re drinking, you can pass your beverage through up to 6 times!

Use the water from your unit to wash or soak your fruits and vegetables before cooking them or pour warm water through the Portable Unit for pleasant footbaths. Consider all the ways you come into contact with liquids and imagine how a better experience with liquids will change your life.

Fill up the pet’s water bowls, the fish aquarium, or the birdbath, take it hiking or camping on your next vacation, eliminate films and streaking when you’re washing windows. The uses are truly endless!

Portable Unit Specifications

  • Available in cobalt bluegreen or white (you choose at checkout)
  • Length end-to-end: 7.5″
  • Weight: 9.5 oz

Item 2

BONUS Cobalt Blue Easy Carry Spray Bottle

Now you can enjoy even more Structured Water portability with a Cobalt Blue Easy Carry Spray Bottle.

The Translucent Cobalt Blue Portable has the same energetic elements as the Dynamically enhanced Portable unit.

Natural Technologies discovered how pouring water in your Portable unit multiple times will enhance the structuring effects each time it moves over the flow from inside. This is accomplished by pouring the same water through the Portable unit several times or covering both ends with your hands and move the water back and forth over the flow form (the number of times is up to you).

Then, fill your Cobalt Blue Spray Bottle with the enhanced structured water and use it everywhere!

Here’s the best part: a spray or two of your enhanced structured water will instantly structure all the water in any beverage or food.

Your beverage will be transformed into a healthier, smoother state — and in most cases, will even improve the taste!

Benefits of enhanced structured water in your Cobalt Blue Easy Carry spray bottle:

  • Convenience: easy to carry in a pocket, purse, or fanny pack
  • Add essential oils for body spray or room freshener
  • Instantly add negative ions into the air for a feeling of well being
  • A couple of sprays will beautifully set your make up for the day
  • Cobalt Blue holds structuring longer than any other color
  • Spray on skin to help relieve irritation
  • Unlimited Possibilities!

What Clients Are Saying

  • Tomatoes out of this world…

    “I am retired close to the city of Pau, in France, and let me inform you about the results I have thanks to Natural Action Structured Water. The pictures I send you are proving the results I had in my garden. Baths feel better, pH is stabilized to 7, I don't have to use pH reducer anymore. And these tomatoes are out of this world!The one in the [left] picture is over 2 lbs (1kg) all by itself!” ~ Laphon Puyo; Pau, France

  • A company I can stand behind!

    “As I have a whole house system installed and others now also have theirs installed we are finding we did not have to wait long to know that there is really a difference in this water and that it is really doing the things we were told it would. However it did them so much quicker than we expected. We know some of the most skeptical people on earth and even they praise the NAT system and the benefits they are seeing so quickly. We have not found one testimonial on the NAT site that has not proven to be true and we are all anxious to get started in our yards and gardens to see the fantastic results that have been shared about that whole experience. We truly look forward to many years of helping others by educating them on Clayton's great products. We are very happy to be a part of the NAW family.” ~ Gary & Bobby Kay Dutton

  • Dramatic results with my plants!

    “Thank you so much for giving me some of the DE Structured Water the other day. I drank the water and gave my indoor plants a little drink too. About 3 days later I noticed that the leaves had turned a dark vibrant green. Not only had the leaves changed color, but the texture of the leaves had changed as well. The best way I can describe is that they had become turgid; somewhat like a crisp carrot. I knew the plants would benefit from the structured Water, however, I was astounded to see these dramatic results in such a short period of time. If this is what the Structured Water can do for plants, I can only imagine what it can do for me! Naturally I couldn't wait to purchase one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Pamela

  • Lightening dark spots on my skin.

    “I got my unit in this week. LOVE IT!!! The water is lighter and softer… even kind of effervescent! I use less soap in washing machine, dishwasher and in the bathroom. I also already notice a change within me… my skin is looking better… dark spots are lightening up, and it's only been 4 days! I just can't thank you enough, Clayton, for your inspired work.”~ Dot Schaefer, Montgomery

  • Dramatic skin results.

    “Recently I have started having brown pigmented areas on my face. These look like scabs but they are not scabs. It is brown pigment under the skin. When I started drinking the Structured Water they seemed to float to the surface of my skin and peel off and the skin underneath is perfect with no residual sign of blemish. This leads me to wonder what it is doing inside my body?” ~ Mary Davis

Clayton Nolte

Inventory & Founder of Natural Action Technologies

Clayton Nolte is an inventor and founder of Natural Action Technologies. His life experiences have been in the realms of infinite possibilities, and he has spent much of the last 40 years exploring physics, math, the properties of water, and the effects it has on life. Nature’s own Structured Water had the unique, recurring phenomenon of appearing where no water should. With an innate desire to emulate this for more-in-depth studies, Nolte delved into the inner world of water. Through that exploration, he has discovered many innovative technologies, and has invented and is now manufacturing a full line of Structured Water Units.

Clayton Nolte

Clayton Nolte’s Limited Time Special Offer Package A!

21% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $399

Now Only $317


30 day money back guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: