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Ken W. Stone
Experience the Divine Within

This Package includes everything in Package A


a 30-Minute Private Session with Ken!

Item 1

Introduction to Spiritual Mastery Online Course
(Retail Value: $497)

Accelerate your inner transformation from control and struggle to complete freedom and joy with the Introduction to Spiritual Mastery!

“Spiritual Mastery is a more accessible way of referring to Enlightenment or Full Integration. The Introduction to Spiritual Mastery Program contains the bedrock upon which the Foundations (practices) of Spiritual Mastery are built.” ~ Ken W. Stone, “The Soul Archaeologist”

In this program, Ken introduces you to the core elements of Spiritual Mastery while supporting you in beginning to experience the insights and perspective you’re learning about in each session.

Deepen your understanding and experience of the inner joy and love that are your true nature. Stop seeking quick fixes and instead experience measurable results that make a real, meaningful change that lasts.

A shift in perspective always precedes meaningful, lasting transformation!

Understand the precepts of Spiritual Mastery so you can begin to shift perspective around not only how you interact with the most essential aspects of your life, but also your understanding of the spiritual journey.

This shift in perspective will set you up for a real, sustaining transformation. Instead of living a life focused on taking control so you can find the flow, always working on overcoming challenges – you can begin living your life in flow, free from worry and stress, focused on opening to deeper and deeper experiences of joy and peace.

You Will Be Supported In: 
  • Learning how to free yourself permanently from primarily focusing on resolving challenges and clearing blocks and instead begin to live your life in flow.
  • Understanding the 4 stages of consciousness so you not only have a meaningful context for the way you’re experiencing your life, you also understand the steps to follow to shift your perspective and be happier and more fulfilled naturally as you are right now without focusing on mind control, affirmations or intentions.
  • Exploring a new approach that is free of dogma and demands on your beliefs, traditions or rituals. Learn how to open to experience your most essential nature no matter how much trauma or challenge you’ve faced, no matter what you’ve done to others or what’s been done to you.
You Will Experience:
  • Finally quiet your spiritual mind without any mental gymnastics (even if you’ve never been successful before).
  • Shift from a fear and limitation based focus, and begin living from an expanded, love-filled perspective.
  • Go “in deep” to the space were there are no words, only a direct experience that washes over you and draw you in deeper and deeper. Even if you’ve never meditated before or aren’t an advanced meditator.
  • Begin moving from knowledge to experience — and finally close the gap between what you know is possible and what you’re actually experiencing every day.
  • Open to a profound perspective previously only available to yogis and other spiritual masters — so you can begin living a deeply satisfying life, every day.

Whatever your background and beliefs, this program supports you in deepening your understanding of essential spiritual truths and expanding your awareness into experience through a series of Divine Transmissions with Ken.

What is Divine Transmissions?

It’s a process of witnessing what is already within you. Seeing and being fully present to who you really are … it’s a process that creates a space for you to experience yourself for who you really are in a variety of different ways.

Divine Transmission is not about installing anything – it’s about supporting you in uncovering the inner treasure that is buried deep within you.

It’s a process that’s been described as “faster than anything I’ve ever experienced” by a thousands of people from around the world with different backgrounds, beliefs. No matter your age or beliefs the essence of who you are is available for you to experience right now.

Here Is What’s Included In The Program:

  • 9 classes over 4 weeks, each including a Divine Transmission. Classes are available via downloadable mp3 on a secure website.
  • Session #1: Spiritual Mastery and the Pathways to Spiritual Mastery. The transmission is focused around a guided process so you can begin experiencing and practicing one of the key elements of Spiritual Mastery immediately.
  • Session #2: The Illusion of Separation — sometimes also called the Illusion of Control. Understanding this is essential — not only for understanding all human behavior — but also in understanding our own behavior and motivation. Learn how the Illusion of Separation is a profound gift in your spiritual journey, which opens up the deepest spiritual experiences available to anyone in any state of being.
  • Session #3: The Four Stages of Consciousness. This is an important context for not only understanding what’s coming up with you — but also where other people are interacting from or teaching from. This is an essential framework around perceptual view that will serve you not only now — but for years to come.
  • Session #4: The Control Myth. We believe that with more effort around control, things will turn out more the way we want them to — but there’s something going on underneath — a truth not often uncovered until much later in the spiritual journey. Yet it is available for you now if you are ready.
  • Session #5: Explore the mechanisms of healing as you understand not only the cosmology of what’s going on in your body and why — but also, with an important shift in perspective, healing becomes the by-product of a far more important focus that will serve you beyond resonance in your physical body or mind.
  • Session #6: Explore this essential topic as you understand the trauma cycle, how you can become trapped by this process, and how to break the trauma cycle. Also, learn about the cycle of resonance, and how to shift your life from responding and reacting to deeper experiences and exploration of your true self, that naturally lead to even deeper experiences of resonance.
  • Session #7: Your Intuitive Guidance System (IGS) — and how you can “listen” to how the Divine is communicating with you through your body. This is a huge resource that is always with you — even now. Get to a deeper awareness and experience of your IGS — and then put it to work in your life!!
  • Session #8: “Living in the Mirror” – moving from the theoretical discussion about Spiritual Mastery to practical applications and experiences in your life.
  • Session #9: The six primary practices of Spiritual Mastery. These are the essential steps from moving more fully from understanding to experiencing and integrating Spiritual Mastery in your life.

Item 2

Foundations of Spiritual Mastery 1 (Video & Audio) Online Course PLUS 2 DVDs Shipped to You & 12 Weekly Transmissions!
(Retail Value: $997)


What is Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I?

A complete transmission of the six foundational practices of Spiritual Mastery. Watch as Ken teaches you each practice – then listen and experience as Ken guides you through each practice.  Download the practices (MP3) to your phone or computer for your personal use and utilize them as you move into deeper and deeper embodied resonance.

This program includes streaming video instruction on each of the six foundational practices of Spiritual Mastery (Embodiment, Calling Power Home, Piercing Separation, Beneath the Sand, Throwing Out the Map, and Keep Digging).  Receive and Experience the Transmission of each practice through audio recordings with these unique and powerful practices that have come to Ken through Divine Download.  Ken has been teaching these practices to people around the world with extraordinary results.

Move from a theoretical understanding and introductory experience into the practices that will accelerate you into a state of resonance and flow in a way you’ve never before experience.

  • Experience Embodiment like never before – then naturally move into Beneath the Sand and actually experience for the first time in your life what it means to be whole on every level of your being.
  • Call Your Power Home as you prepare to go Beneath the Sand while transmuting all the traumas that have been held you back in your life to this point.
  • Open an extraordinary experience of yourself within your body – then learn how to return to this experience each and every day.
  • Move into what Ken calls “the final frontier on the spiritual journey” and open to complete freedom in every part of your life where before only frustration and challenge once existed.
  • Learn how to make these extraordinary spiritual experiences part of your every day life so you can live all aspects of your life in flow and resonance.
  • And much more.

Here Is What’s Included:

Practice #1: Embodiment
Go deeper than you’ve gone before with Embodiment — as you understand the process of embodiment through the video class. Experience a stand alone Embodiment Practice you can utilize any time you’re feeling anxious, distracted, or in any way out of flow. Learn how embodiment is the answer to so many significant challenges in the every day — and experience how powerful a regular practice of embodiment can be in your life. Be fully present to yourself and those you’re with as you open more fully to your Divine Connection.

Practice #2: Calling Home Your Power
We give our power away in many different ways in our every day lives. Someone cuts us off in traffic, and we get upset. Or we meet someone with an intuitive gift and it seems they might have the answers to the biggest questions of our life. This energetic practice of calling your power home is as a powerful as it is simple. Turn on the practice, close your eyes, and begin recalling all of your Divine Power that you’ve given away in your family, your work or in other aspects of your life, and immediately feel the momentum that comes from being with all of you once again!

Practice #3: Piercing the Illusion of Separation
The illusion of separation is the source of all the dissonance in your life. It is quite simply the source of all pain and suffering. Powerfully pierce through the illusion as you prepare yourself to “Go Beneath the Sand” and truly open up to the feeling and experience of who you really are … for the first time in your life.

Practice #4: Beneath the Sand
One answer to many questions: How can I move back into abundance in my life? How can I heal my body or my emotional wounds? How can I reconnect to myself? And many other important questions. “Beneath the Sand” came to Ken as a Divine Download in the fall of 2010 in response to his question about what he would teach as he was beginning to formally share his gifts with the world as his full time focus. “Beneath the Sand” has supported war veterans and other suffering from PTSD experience miraculous healing. It has supported spiritual messengers in deepening their message and mission and more powerfully serving those they were meant to support. It has supported people in discovering the inner joy and peace we all know is possible, but for so many is illusive. It is the practice that puts the extraordinary experiences of the most advanced Yogis and Spiritual Masters into your life and being. Get ready to go “Beneath the Sand” and profoundly shift your perspective on what is possible and who you really are!

Practice #5: Throw Out the Map
After working your way into such a profound state of deep embodied resonance, the fifth practice of Spiritual Mastery might well sound like exactly the opposite of what’s called for — but throwing out the map is exactly perfect on your path to complete liberation and freedom in all aspect of your life. Fully let go of control and move into such a state of ecstasy and resonance you literally can’t imagine it! And that’s the point with throwing out the map — as powerful and extraordinary as your imagination is, it becomes the bottleneck in the complete expression and experience of flow and resonance in your life. When you throw out the map you truly open to all that the Divine has available to express through you and in your life.

Practice #6: Keep Digging
We imagine how wonderful it would be if we could Embody, Go Beneath the Sand — and Throw out the Map — in truth it’s more wonderful than you can imagine! And this “cycle of resonance” is just opening up in your life as you move through these practices. “Keep digging” is a practice of continually revisiting and deepening all the practices of Spiritual Mastery — for as you move deeper the resonance expands exponentially.

Bonus #1: A Journey Into Healing (DVD Mailed to You)
In this video, Ken shares about how he discovered his spiritual gifts, his life leading up to this point, and experience with sharing his gifts with others. Three powerful themes are explored on this DVD: You are not alone. We are all the same. The Divine is inside of you. Now let’s experience the Divine Within.

Bonus #2: A Divine Transmission (DVD Mailed to You)
In this video, Ken answer questions and facilitates a Divine Transmission. Connect to your inner wholeness as Ken witnesses you as you truly are: an undistorted expression and extension of the Divine.

Bonus #3: 12 LIVE Weekly Divine Transmissions with Ken
Once you’ve completed Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I — you’ll join Ken for his weekly community sessions (The Sanctuary) to support you in integrating the practices of Spiritual Mastery into your every day life. At the beginning of each transmission (LIVE on Tuesdays of each week at 3 p. m. EST – US — and available through replay and MP3 Download) get on the line with Ken and ask your questions and request individual facilitation in the context of the group — then sink into the Transmission as you integrate and move into even deeper resonance and flow!

Item 3

Experience Your Inner Healing Power
(Retail Value: $247)

Many people think that there are a few people who have special healing gifts.

Through these gifts, we can have ordinary and sometimes even extraordinary healing experiences.

If only we all had these gifts! It turns out we do!

How can I experience my healing gifts?

“Healing is a byproduct of coming back into a state of alignment and resonance with your true nature as an undistorted expression of the Divine.” ~ Ken W. Stone

Your healing gift comes from the most essential aspect of your nature — from your connection with and expression of the Divine through you — and as you.

This may sound a little fantastic — especially if you’re not feeling well physically or emotionally — or if there’s a challenge in some other aspect of your life.

Yet it’s true. And it’s true no matter your beliefs or experience, whether you’re a seasoned meditator or brand new to sitting in silence for a few minutes.

To begin to experience who you really are is to open the door to your inner healing power.

How Does The Program Work?

Spiritual Teacher and Healer Ken Stone has helped thousands of people around the world more deeply experience themselves as who they really are — as undistorted expression and extensions of the Divine.

For many the first step is to have a series of experiences as a way of confirming that a different experience is actually available in their body, before engaging in further study or learning specific spiritual practices.

This approach can be very powerful as the experiences that Ken facilitates are not mind-based experiences. Rather they arise from Divine Transmissions – energetic support that opens the door to the inner experience of your true nature. 

Through this “Experience Your Inner Healing Power” program, Ken facilitates a series of Ten Divine Transmissions that support you in deepening your experience of who you really are – without focus on spiritual teaching or practice.

These sessions will support you in a different level of awareness and experience of yourself from the direct experience of the Divine Within that accompanies a Divine Transmission.

Think of these sessions as opportunities to enliven and more deeply experience who you already are — rather than an exploration of “fixing” something that is wrong — and you’re already well on your way to significant and lasting shift in perspective.

A shift that is borne of a different experience of yourself, instead of a different thought about yourself. 

Here Is What’s Included:

  • Experience Your Inner Healing Power – 10 Powerful Sessions with Ken on MP3 and available for you to download and begin exploring and experiencing immediately. These sessions meet you exactly where you on the spiritual journey and support you in taking your next step. Whether you’re an advanced meditator or you’ve never meditated before; whatever your age, believes, and life experience, these sessions support you in moving forward into a deeper experience of your true nature.
  • Divine Connecting Breath – the foundation of every Divine Transmission with Ken. This shorter version of DCB supports you in shifting from separation (our default state as human beings) – to piercing separation and moving into oneness. Experience the practice that has been utilized by tens of thousands of people around the world to begin opening to an experience of the Divine Within.
  • Your Intuitive Guidance System – This Divine Transmission supports you in becoming aware of your body as an intuitive feedback instrument. Whatever your level of intuitive awareness, this session supports you in becoming more aware of all the ways the Divine communicates to you through your body.
  • Clearing Emotional & Physical Dissonance – These two sessions support you in clearing noise from your physical and emotional body, so you can open more fully to the experience of your Divine Resonance.
  • Going Within to Find What Can’t be Found Outside – This Divine Transmission supports you in turning inward so you can be focused on the true foundation of your life’s experiences, rather than being distracted by what’s happening in the mirror.
  • The Importance of Being Within the Body – This session is focused on why it’s so important to embody your soul, the role of your embodied soul in experiencing the Divine within, along with energetic support in embodying your soul.
  • Healing Your Inner Wounded Warrior – This Divine Transmission supports you in transmuting earlier trauma that has kept you blocked and held back from a deeper experience of resonance in your life. Release the trauma cycle you’ve been trapped in and move into the cycle of resonance.
  • Retuning Your Body – This Divine Transmission supports you in deepening your experience of your body’s wholeness (physical healing).
  • Retuning Your Mind – This Divine Transmission supports you in deepening your experience of your mind’s wholeness (emotional healing).
  • Retuning Your Soul – This Divine Transmission supports you in deepening your experience of your Soul as the pathway through which you encounter and experience the Divine (spiritual healing).
  • Shine – This Divine Transmission supports you in resonating as your Divine presence in all aspects of your life.

Item 4

30-Minute Private Session with Ken
(Retail Value: $750)

A private session with Ken offers you the opportunity to experience yourself as you really are, rather than the distorted or wounded expression you might be regularly encountering.

You will discover the whole, undistorted expression of the Divine that is waiting to be more fully expressed and experienced.

Try to imagine what could happen when you come into alignment and resonance with your true Divine nature:

Do you spontaneously heal?

Do you have profound insights into your Spiritual Gifts?

Do you sink into a space where there are no words — yet the experience is so profound you know — you just can’t express?

Then let all that go for the Divine Mystery is waiting to erupt more fully in, through, and as you. While it is unknowable — you can experience it!

What Clients Are Saying About Sessions With Ken Stone:

“Ken is one of my secret resources. When I’m in session with Ken I have the deepest spiritual experiences. I remember once even saying to him “if this experience is repeatable — then you are the real deal” and he is the real deal. There are a very small number people I’ve spent time with where I feel the presence of the spirit in this way.” ~ Bestselling Author, Derek Rydall

“My sessions with Ken Stone have been the most powerful distance healing work I’ve ever experienced. In addition to feeling more present in my body and my life, I am experiencing more ease, clarity and grace. The pieces of the puzzle are joyously manifesting faster than ever before, and I have a new curiosity for what will happen next! Life has become an exciting adventure as I experience deeper trust in myself and God. Plus, I don’t think its coincidence that I earned my fastest and most joyous six figures in the first few weeks I worked with Ken. Things shifted on so many levels.” ~ Christine Kloser, Pennsylvania

“It’s rare that I experience such deep and ecstatic connection to the divine and the present moment so quickly as I did when I received my first session from Ken. Since then, I have felt much more aligned with the unlimited potential of my life, and things have been flowing to me with ease.” ~ Coach and Mentor Rachael Jayne Groover,

“Everything about my life has changed. EVERYTHING!! How I will conduct business, how I’ll lead a workshop, how I can be in public. All the pieces of the puzzles that I’ve been working on for years came together during my session with Ken.” ~ Business Coach & Trainer, Jan Stringer

“Ken Stone truly is the Soul Archaeologist. Of all the teachers and various courses that I’ve taken and people that I’ve met in my 60 years, he is the first person that I’ve met who has this unique approach and ability to enable a person to tune in and discover their soul and reconnect with their soul.” ~ Lynda Paquette, Alaska

“Ken has truly helped me to become the type of leader and messenger that people are inspired to listen to and follow, and I highly recommend you work with him too.” ~ Natalie Ledwell, Speaker, Author, and Co-Founder of Mind Movies

What Clients Are Saying

  • It’s the best condensed teaching on spirituality I’ve ever heard.

    “Listening to Ken’s Introduction to Spiritual Mastery course has been a WONDERFUL experience. This presentation is amazing. Ken is inspiring. Deeply Authentic. It’s the best condensed teaching on spirituality I’ve ever heard. PLEASE keep offering this program. ~ Linda Nichols, Missouri

  • He enables you to tune in, discover and reconnect with your soul

    “Ken Stone truly is the Soul Archaeologist. Of all the teachers and various courses that I’ve taken and people that I’ve met in my 60 years, he is the first person who has this unique approach and ability to enable a person to tune in, discover and reconnect with their soul.” ~ Lynda Paquette, Alaska

  • I ‘relocated’ my alignment and connection with God

    “I have found the deepest part of me; the most beautiful part — the part I kept looking for out there. Through Ken Stone’s Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I recordings, I have ‘relocated’ that which I seek; the alignment and connection with God I knew in my heart I could have each and every day no matter what was happening around me.” ~ Rose Englund, Maryland

Ken Stone

The Soul Archaeologist

Ken W. Stone, “The Soul Archaeologist,” is an Internationally recognized spiritual teacher and founder of The Resonance Experiment. With his ability to energetically re-tune a person’s body, mind and spirit, Stone has helped thousands of people around the world experience and remember their Divine nature — from Spiritual Messengers exploring greater authenticity, to people suffering from physical pain and emotional challenges, to people wanting to move beyond simply knowing spiritual truths to actually experiencing them.

Ken has spoken along-side such luminaries as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lynne McTaggart, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, Thomas Keating, and many other powerful spiritual leaders.

Ken Stone - Headshot

Ken Stone’s Limited Time Special Offer – Package B!

86% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $2,491

Now Only $347


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If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: