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Awaken To Your Soul’s Ultimate Purpose

Why are you here, at this time, the spiritual being that you are, having THIS human experience?


Have you ever wished there was a GUIDE or a course to help you discover once-and-for-all your unique life purpose?

You chose this life for a reason! How do you ensure this GRAND ADVENTURE is everything you intended it to be?

These are important questions, and that is why Sara Landon & The Council have created Awaken To Your Soul’s Ultimate Purpose, a special offer just for you.

You came into this life experience with a powerful purpose. You knew that you were an unlimited force of powerful Source Energy, focused in physical form, for the purpose of your own growth, expansion, and expression. And, most importantly, you knew that continuous joy, happiness, health, wealth, peace, and love were inherently available to you in every moment.

Once you understand your Soul’s ultimate purpose, your life will be filled with more joy, success, love, and happiness than you ever thought possible.

Join Sara Landon & The Council on a journey to Awaken To Your Soul’s Ultimate Purpose and become everything you are meant to be!

Awaken Your Soul’s Ultimate Purpose: Step-By-Step Special Offer to Live Your Life’s Purpose and Create Health, Wealth, Love, & Joy In Your Life!

Item 1

Live Your Life’s Purpose: Inspired to Greatness 3-Part Online Transformational Audio Course (Retail Value: $97)

Have you ever wondered what your life’s purpose is?

Would you like to discover the powerful purpose for your life and ignite your passion and creativity?

Are you ready to unleash the clarity you need to create a life that you love? It’s time to become everything you are meant to be!

Join Sara & The Council for this new, three-part series to INSPIRE YOU TO GREATNESS! This course is designed with the leading-edge information, processes, and tools for Living Your LIFE’S PURPOSE!

Discover your life’s purpose and how your unique values influence every aspect of your life experience, ignite your passion and creativity, and unleash your power to create a life that you love!

NOTE: This online course features 3 mp3 audio files (approximately 4 hours of content) that can be listened to online and downloaded to take with you.

Item 2

Becoming a Spiritual Master: The Next Evolution of Mastery Online Audio Course (Retail Value: $97)


Chances are, you have even used the Law of Attraction to manifest a job, house or lover you thought you wanted. But, did it provide you the joy, happiness, and freedom you were looking for? Probably not. Maybe you even wish you could “un”manifest the things you have attracted into your reality.

The Law of Attraction tells us you that you can have anything you want. Or does it? If you can leverage the Law of Attraction to have anything you want, then why haven’t you manifested the money, career, lover, home or health you desire?

Here’s the real secret, there is so much more to it than the Law of Attraction! The next evolution of Mastery is here!

Join Sara Landon & The Council for this all new three-part webinar series “The Next Evolution of Mastery: Beyond the Law of Attraction.” Get ready to tap into your true spiritual power and expand your human potential! Learn how to go beyond the basic teachings of the Law of Attraction and uncover the oasis of knowledge and enlightenment that awaits you on your journey to becoming a true master of your life experience!

NOTE: This online course features 3 mp3 audio files (approximately 4 hours of content) that can be listened to online and downloaded to take with you.

Item 3

How to Speak Your Truth & Create Authentic Relationships Audio Class (Retail Value: $30)

How To Speak Your Truth & Create Authentic Relationships With Your Lovers, Family, Friends, Partners & Loved Ones
In this course, The Council will discuss:
  • How To Communicate Impeccably & Speak Your TRUTH
  • When To Be Vulnerable & When Not To Be Vulnerable With Your Communication
  • Strategies For Being Honest Without Hurting Other People
  • What To Do When You Want To End Your Marriage or Relationship
  • How To Improve Any Relationship With This ONE Tool
  • How To Change Communication Patterns With Family Members & Long-Term Relationships
  • Why People Get Angry, Mad & Verbally Abusive
NOTE: This 90-minute class features an mp3 audio file that can be listened to online and downloaded to take with you. 


  • Sara is one of my main sources for personal development

    “Sara has the profound ability to get to the core of any situation and bring it back from chaos to wholeness and the essence of the truth that is illuminated by the only thing that matters; love. Whether in private session, reading her daily inspirations or participating in her online courses, Sara’s work has been one of my main sources for my personal development since I met her. The shifts that I have personally experienced have been dramatically influenced by Sara’s and The Council’s capacity to hold and share the vibration of that which I also seek resonance with. Sara is a leader of leaders for the next generation of transformation!” ~ John Burgos

  • It's the Gift of a Lifetime

    “Sara is an exquisite Channel with Masterful Wisdom, Integrity & Compassion. A session with Sara is like Coming Home to your own Truth. Allow yourself The Gift of A Lifetime.” ~ Judy Cali

  • The next great channel on the planet

    “Sara Landon and The Council are the next great channel on the planet! They will soon equal, if not surpass Abraham-Hicks in their reach and effect. If you have never listened to Sara and The Council, go to the archives and listen now. The messages are profound and direct as if they are talking specifically to you, even when they are not. If you have listened to them and have not had a one on one session with them yet, it is a must do!” ~ Brett Williams

  • I highly recommend for more peace, fulfillment and joy

    “Being introduced to Sara Landon and The Council is like being introduced to a wish-fulfilling tree. As one who has spent their entire adult life on a quest for spiritual fulfillment and attainment, I am in awe of The Council and their love, life-changing wisdom, simplicity of instructions, and humor. Each webinar is more profound than the last. I am a huge fan and apply their tools daily to experience greater peace and joy in my life. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have more peace, fulfillment, and joy in their lives.”  ~ Linda Ferguson

Item 4

Self-Love: Your Most Important Achievement Audio Class (Retail Value: $30)


“The greatest thing you can achieve in the human experience is Love of Self.”- The Council
In this course, The Council will discuss:
  • How To Create Greater Levels of Self-Love
  • Why You Stopped Loving Yourself
  • Why Self-Love Is The Key To Everything You Want
  • Why It Is So Difficult To Feel Self-Love & Why It Is The GREATEST Achievement
  • Do All Successful People Have Self-Love
  • How To Truly Love Yourself & Realize More Peace In Your Life
NOTE: This 90-minute class features an mp3 audio file that can be listened to online and downloaded to take with you.

Item 5

$50 OFF Discount Coupon for a Private Session with The Council OR a Coaching Session with Sara Landon (Retail Value: $350)

A Special Gift Just For YOU, $50 Off Discount Coupon When You Book A Private Session with The Council OR Coaching Session with Sara Landon

How do you put into words an experience that has the potential to change your life forever? Sessions with The Council have been described as, “the single most important hour of my life,” “life-changing and profound,” “the most incredible gift of an entire life,” “exactly what I needed,” and “not word worthy to describe.” However you explain it, a session with The Council promises to be transformational, insightful, and the vibrational opportunity of a lifetime. Perhaps – like nothing you have experienced before!

Every session with The Council is unique to each person and their individual life experiences. The intention of all sessions is to provide you with valuable clarity, help you discover your soul’s ultimate desires, and remind you who you are, why you are here, and what you intended when you chose this life experience. Private sessions with The Council have the transformative power to help you transcend your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs once-and-for-all so that you can create the life you really want to live! Once you remember and experience the vibration of who you really are, anything and everything becomes possible for you. Your life will begin to change in exciting, inspiring, and miraculous ways!

Sessions range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. You may ask The Council questions about any topic or subject. Many have come to The Council to discuss topics such as; a new business or career path, healing health-related issues, recovering from a divorce or financial problems, improving relationships, matters with children, depression, overcoming childhood traumas, weight-loss, death of a loved one, understanding near-death experiences, and other major life events. Others feel a calling for something more in their lives and want to discover their life’s purpose or how to bring their own unique gifts to the world.



Are you ready to transform your life, business/career, and relationships to start living the life that you have been dreaming about?

You have come to the RIGHT PLACE!

Sara Landon offers life-changing transformation, in the easiest, most effortless way possible, and in the shortest amount of time!

Sara Landon offers a highly nuanced fusion of spiritually guided transformational life, business/career, and relationship coaching that has proven effective for business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals looking to authentically live a more purposeful, fulfilling, rich, and rewarding life.

*Discover Your Truth & Soul’s Desires
*Get Clear on Your Life’s Purpose
*Connect with Your Ultimate Power
*Create The Life You Want To Live!
Sara offers a customized step-by-step plan to master the human experience and start living a life you love!

The results are unlimited, but here are just a few:
*Discover, with absolute clarity, your specific life purpose & want you really want
*Create financial success & integrate your spirituality
*Identify the unique values that influence every area of your life and business
*Align with your soul’s desires to begin creating a life and business/career you love
*Identify what limiting beliefs, fears, & old programs hold you back from everything you desire and transcend them once-and-for-all
*Master how to overcome struggle and adversity with ease, effortless, and alignment, an important characteristic of all great leaders
*Connect to the transformative power within you to achieve your personal and professional goals
*Discover how to tap-in to inspired action and infinite intelligence for direction, perspective, and right decision-making
*Clear understanding of your gifts, strengths, passions, and creativity, and how to use them to transform your life
*Cultivate transparent communication in your personal and professional relationships
*Master how to get in FLOW where your desires unfold easily, effortlessly, and harmoniously for you
*Create your life joyfully, intentionally, & impeccably!

Join Sara on a journey of new perceptions, higher-level insights, and “ah-ha” moments. Expand your inner awareness, strengthen your intuition, become clear on your purpose and start making a greater impact NOW.

In a simple, concise, and harmonious way, Sara will guide you to clarity as to your purpose, mission, and soul’s desires.

What is really possible for your life, business, career, and relationships?

Coaching sessions often result in enhanced insight, a new and expanded vision, and the courage to take inspired action on your dreams.

Life-changing transformation, in the easiest, most effortless way possible, and in the shortest amount of time! Proven effective & guaranteed!


  • Working with Sara has changed my life

    “I was introduced to an incredible channel who changed my life forever! I am so thrilled to have something so profound in my life. Sara’s passion to help humanity is unparalleled. Such love cannot be found on this planet. The Council’s wisdom is bringing our planet to another level of consciousness. Working with Sara has changed my life and I know it will change yours.”  ~ Sunnie Shea

  • The more you listen, the higher your vibrational set point

    "I’ve been following The Council intently since a friend shared their work in November 2016, and I have finally begun to understand that listening to and communicating with The Council is a vibrational experience. Yes, their words are important; however, the more you listen, the higher your vibrational set-point will be. Never has that principle been more evident or visceral for me than with this call. I felt as though my finite body could not contain the energy - the joy, the inspiration, the love. After my experience with The Council, I was ready to go out and live my life in a white light blaze of glory! And I wasn't just inspired - I had an absolute knowing that I was as powerful as The Council tells us we are, and that anything is possible. As if that wasn't enough to seal the deal, upon returning home, my partner immediately asked what happened to me - the way he put it, I “hovered from the car to the house.” I feel so blessed to know Sara and The Council!!" ~ Sunny Joy McMillian, Host of Sunnie In Seattle

  • I am experiencing a new trust in the Universe

    “The group session was extremely beneficial for me. I heard new messages that were perfectly timed and so effortlessly folded and wove into other spiritual messages I am making into my belief system. I was ready! And the days following our gathering have been and continue to be elevated in vibration. I am experiencing a new trust in the Universe I wasn't able to get to before. It is a thrilling time for me! I have so much more clarity and connection. I have a better understanding of my thoughts and what they are doing and why I'm experiencing what I am experiencing. Truly priceless information to have. Thank you again!” ~ Rochelle Maher

  • There is nothing to do but allow the transformation to occur

    “Immersing myself in the wisdom of the Council has been an amazing experience. I think it is that not only are we hearing words of wisdom, we are being elevated energetically at the same time. There really is nothing to do but allow the transformation to occur, and it truly does. I am so in love with the Council. I am coming home and it feels so good.” ~ Anna B.

  • This session was the most incredible gift of my entire life

    “How can I describe to you a recent session that I had with Sara Landon who channels The Council? How do you put into words something that was so profound? After the session, in which every question and feeling was addressed, I felt that a deep, profound healing had happened with them. I was given the most incredible gift of my entire life having this session. I don’t say words like this lightly. This was life changing and profound.” ~ Susan Joan Rini


Sara Landon

Sara Landon is a globally celebrated transformational leader, visionary entrepreneur, spiritual advisor, and channel of The Council. The Council is an energetic presence of nonphysical beings whose expanded awareness and higher-level consciousness are guiding people to answer the profound questions: “Who am I? Why am I here? What is my life’s purpose?”

Together, Sara and The Council are fueling spiritual growth and personal transformation all around the world by helping people to reach greater levels of joy, love, health, wealth, and fulfillment in their lives. Their profound and powerful teachings have proven life-changing to countless people who have applied their wisdom to create positive change in their careers, businesses, relationships, bodies, and daily lives.

Whether you have been on a spiritual path your entire life or you are just beginning to awaken to the power within you, an experience with Sara and The Council can indeed be described as coming home to your own truth, which is quite possibly the gift of a lifetime. 

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Sara Landon’s Limited Time Special Offer!

84% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $604

Now Only $97


30 day money back guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: