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Awaken Your Intuition Package

Becoming aware of our intuitive and psychic nature can help us to perceive our lives from a broader perspective of connection and inspiration. It can also revel to us our unique spiritual path and purpose.

We typically think of what is psychic as unusual and even extraordinary. Yet, intuitive and psychic energy is as present as the air that we breathe. It is an aspect of our intelligence that is often misunderstood and ignored.

The impulse to explore our intuitive and psychic nature comes as a call from our soul, urging us to evolve and explore our immense potential.

We all receive psychic impressions in our daily lives, yet these psychic moments often go unnoticed and unappreciated.

We tend to expect a supernatural aha incident to alert us to when we are connecting with information and guidance beyond our ordinary five senses. Yet, receiving psychic energy is more subtle and gentle than we usually realize. Recognizing our innate intuitive-psychic tendencies opens the door for more positive psychic development and empowers us in our journey to self understanding and awareness.

In Sherrie Dillard’s professional life as a psychic and medium, and through many years of teaching others to develop psychic abilities, she has come to the awareness that intuition surfaces through four primary modalities or types. We naturally intuit energy information through our thoughts, our feelings, our physical body and through our energy field.

In this package you will explore and develop of your own intuition and psychic gifts from the comfort of your home!

Item 1

Psychic Knowing Online Course
(Retail Value: $85)

Develop and Use the Psychic Abilities of Your Mental Intuition from the Comfort of Your Home!

This audio and slide-show video program includes all you need to know to develop the psychic skills of Claircognizance, Clairaudience and Telepathy, and use
them in your everyday life!

This program, Psychic Knowing will empower you to better understand, develop and use mental intuition.

You do not need to have a high degree of intuition or psychic ability to receive practical and insightful guidance. This program will help everyone, from those just beginning to explore their intuition and psychic abilities, to those who are more psychically advanced.

Through mental intuition we can address many of our day to day issues and problems and make choices that empower us to create and experience our highest good.  Mental intuition increases our self-awareness and taps into the abundant wisdom of the divine mind.

To begin this program, watch the Introduction, then the Psychic Thoughts slide show. You can then listen to and practice the Claircognizancethe Telepathy and then the Divine Mind audio meditation exercises. In the last slide show, Interpretation, you will receive guidance as to how to interpret what you receive.

This program is made up of, mp4 video files and pdf and mp3 audio files that you will get access to download after purchase.

The Program Includes These Guided Meditations:

These meditations have been created to guide you step-by-step in attaining a psychic receptive state and eliciting psychic energy information. You can use the audio meditation exercises for your day-to-day concerns and issues and to receive divine guidance. With continued use your intuition will become stronger and more developed.

1. Claircognizance and Clairaudience

In this meditation exercise you can better understand and learn how to use the psychic skill of claircognizance and clairaudience to receive energy information about a personal concern or issue.

2. Telepathy

The telepathy guided meditation empowers you to telepathically communicate with another’s higher mind. It is helpful in better understanding another and receiving previously unknown insights and information about relationship issues.

3. The Divine Mind
This guided meditation will help you to raise your vibration and connect with divine higher mind consciousness. It is in this higher state of energy awareness that we connect with truth and universal wisdom. The energy of Divine Mind also embodies abundance and healing. When we attune ourselves to the divine vibration we receive its gifts and blessings.

Item 2

Develop and Use Your Intuition in Relationships Video & Audio Class
(Retail Value: $85)

Relationships can be confusing. They trigger our hopes and fears and our unconscious emotional wounds and past experiences. It is not always easy to navigate our way through the influx of emotions we experience and perceive another and our situation with intuitive clarity. Although intuition can be helpful in providing insight and guidance, it can be clouded by our emotions and expectations.

Sherrie Dillard developed this intuitive program with these concerns in mind.

The audio, video and written materials provide a process for you to better understand how your intuition naturally operates and how to use it to create and experience more positive loving relationships.

What Is Included:

This program includes a quiz to help you to determine your intuitive love type and an explanation of each type. Your intuitive love type is the way that you intuitively communicate and interact with others in relationships.

Although you intuit through each type, you have one or more predominant types that provides you with insight as to how you most commonly use your intuition in relationships. The optimum is to be balanced and to be able to intuit through all four types. 

The psychic abilities that we most use in relationships, Clairsentience, and Clairempathy are discussed. Then three guided meditations help you to develop and use your intuition in important relationship areas.

You Will Get:

The Love Quiz — Determine Your Intuitive Love Type

4 Narrated Video Slideshows
  • Intro and Emotional Intuitive in Relationships
  • Mental Intuitive in Relationships
  • Physical Intuitive in Relationships
  • Spiritual Intuitives in Relationships 

These videos describe and explain each intuitive love type. Listen to all four. You likely intuit through each type and as you further develop your intuition you will gain proficiency in all four types. Both Clairsentience and Clairempathy will be explained and described 

This program is made up of, mp4 video files, pdf and mp3 audio files.

3 Audio Intuition Guided Meditation Exercises:

These guided meditation exercises will help you to develop your intuition and use it in the relationship areas that are the most important to you. 

  1. Becoming Free  
    Do you have trouble letting go of another, even when you know that the relationship was unhealthy or had a negative impact on you? Are you having a hard time moving on from a relationship. Do you feel suffocated or unconnected to someone who you are in a relationship with?

    This guided meditation empowers you to become aware of the unhealthy energy connections that you may have with others and to release them. 
  1. Insight Into Another: Intuitively Communicate with Another
    Relationships can be confusing. We are not always able to communicate effectively and understand another. All too often we create patterns of communication that limit and prevent us from true intimacy. This guided meditation helps you to intuitively communicate, connect with and better understand another. It dispels negativity and empowers you to create more relationship harmony and intimacy.

  2. Attract A Soul Mate: Heal Unconscious Negative Relationship Patterns of Attraction and Connect with a Loving Soul Mate

    Before anything in our life shows up in the physical and material, we must energetically align with it. Too often we draw to us unsatisfying relationships that speak to our unconscious unhealed energy.

    This guided meditation empowers you to attract a loving and positive soul mate. It will help you to open your heart, release the emotions and thoughts that may be interfering with your ability to attract and experience the kind of loving relationship that you would that you would most like to create.

What Clients Are Saying

  • Great classes

    “Great classes Sherrie! I really enjoyed them.” ~ Sara M.

  • I greatly enjoyed the training

    “I greatly enjoyed the training.” ~ Richard. W.

  • Thank you for the wonderful class

    “Thank you for the wonderful class. You did a great job, and I appreciate it so much. I am thankful for all the guidance and the gifts you shared.” ~ Patricia. L.

  • Helped me spiritually reach a new level

    “I don’t think I properly thanked you for my last reading. As usual it was super powerful and it has helped me spiritually reach a new level that is kind and loving to myself and compassionate towards others. I would like to know about any future classes.” ~ Mariam B.

Sherrie Dillard

Author & Psychic Medium

Sherrie Dillard is an internationally renowned intuitive, medium, medical intuitive and author. She has given over 50,000 readings worldwide and has been featured on radio and television for her innovative books and her work as a psychic detective, medical intuitive and medium. She is the expert at helping others to better understand and develop their innate intuitive and spiritual gifts.

As the author of eight books, including the best-selling “Discover Your Psychic Type”, “You are a Medium”, “Sacred Signs and Symbols” and her latest book “You Are Psychic”, her books have been translated into nine languages.

She has a M.Div. in New Thought pastoral counseling and has taught intuition development classes at Duke University and the Rhine Institute. Her passion for the fusion of intuition, spirituality and conscious self-growth has made her a popular speaker and teacher at retreats and conferences both nationally and internationally.

sherrie dillard

Sherrie Dillard’s Limited Time Special Offer!

42% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $170

Now Only $98


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