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Karen Kan

Dr. Karen Kan’s Limited Time Special Offer Package A!

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Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0

A simple and powerful program to clear and remove harmful external energetic interferences, and restore you back to optimum wellbeing.

Have you experienced . . .

  • Strange symptoms your Doctor can’t explain?
  • Being thrown off balance or physically drained by other people’s energy?
  • High sensitivity to your external environment?
  • Strange smells on your body you can’t explain?
  • Feeling like you’re being watched, or seeing shadows in your peripheral vision?
  • Electronic devices play up or stop working for no apparent reason?
  • Sudden bursts of anger or mood swings?
  • Mysterious pain in your body that doesn’t respond to conventional medicine?
Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0

A comprehensive entity and negative energy clearing and healing program. Simply target your focus on where you need healing, and the Light Warrior Bootcamp program will do the rest.

Remove negative energies and entity interferences from your body, home, your electronics, your sleep realms, and those of your loved ones.


Negative entity and ET interferences open your susceptibility many symptoms – physical and emotional exhaustion, feeling ungrounded, skin problems, immune system disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, just to name a few.


As the program works to remove negative entities and ET’s from your body and your environment, you’ll instantly begin to notice your mind is clearer and your body feels lighter. You’ll feel calm, centred and more energized.


Once you clear negative entities and ET’s from your body and environment and seal your boundaries, your ability to heal and integrate is then optimized for unencumbered healing and restoration at the deepest level.

Bootcamp 1

Program features

The Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0 Program has 3 core components
  1. Light Warrior Training Series
    Learn the TOLPAKAN™ Divine Muscle Testing method through demonstration in this comprehensive clearing and healing instructional training series.Learn how to perform clearings and healings on:
    • Yourself, your clients or loved ones.
    • Your home.
    • Electronic devices and the environment.
    • Your astral/sleep realms.
  2. Ascension 1 – All-in-one Clearing and Protection

    Use this multi-dimensional frequency formula to remove and dissolve low vibrational and negative energies, and provide you with protection on multiple-levels.This energy-infused product releases harmful energies from whatever or whomever you target. It addresses issues from past, present, future and multiple dimensions and universes.

    It removes and shields you from every conceivable imbalance currently known.

    PLUS its frequencies are energetically updated with every Ascension upgrade.

    Ascension upgrades are naturally occurring spiritual events that elevate the frequency of the whole planet.

    Clear and protect…

    • Energetically deactivates infections, including extraterrestrial infections.
    • Clears and protects astral realms you visit when you sleep.
    • Cleans and repairs soul fragments from multiple lives.
    • Supports grounding, cleans debris and negative energy from your aura.
    • Balances the hara line, assemblage beam, chakras, and all layers of the aura.
    • Energetically neutralizes physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins.
    • Clears inherited imbalances, including Miasms, curses, beliefs and more.
    • Fortifies auric, astral and Oversoul “shields” and your spiritual helmet.
    • Fills the void left by negative energy and replaces it with the highest vibration of Love and Light.
    • Clears entities such as ghosts, Dark Angels, Demons, Lower Realm Beings, Dark Watchers, Darkness of the Dark, Darkness Masked in Light, PseudoLight Beings, Monkey Demons and more within seconds.
    • Clears extraterrestrial interferences, including projected negative thought forms, implants/devices, dimensional rifts, and manipulating frequencies.
    • Clears the underlying imbalances causing attraction or vulnerability to entities, including addictions, negative beliefs, unresolved emotions, heart barriers, psychic traumas etc.
    • Dissolves energetic cords, implants, tethers, markers, weapons, negative filters, entity cloaking, devices, booby traps, reverse shields, hexes, curses, vows, etc..
    • Downloads and Activates the Universal Shield in all your lives
  3. Ascension 2 – All-in-one Healing and Integration
    This multi-layered infusion of restorative frequencies works, quite literally, like magic to optimize healing and restoration.

    Download and activate positive restorative healing frequencies to integrate your Ascension into higher dimensions.

    Simply focus your attention on your target and this program does the heavy-lifting. It uses the combined healing power of Archangels, Light Beings, together with beneficial energies and Morphic fields to shift your reality to a higher state of health, joy and wellbeing.

    It supports restoration in all lives (past, present and future), all dimensions and all universes.

    PLUS its frequencies are energetically updated with every Ascension upgrade.

    Heal and integrate…

    • Elevates your vibration at the highest level.

    • Increases your processing speed to heal and restore.

    • Decreases your detoxification symptoms.

    • Activates beneficial Morphic fields for the Assemblage beam (the vortex that creates the rest of your body).

    • Activates positive frequencies to leave you feeling more passion, joy, peace, acceptance, forgiveness and oneness.

    • You’ll begin to speed up your abilities to integrate new Ascension upgrades physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and multi-dimensionally.

    • Activate supportive nature energies to increase restorative and healing frequencies in crystals, essential oils, planets, stars, colours, sounds.

    • Activate and balance your spiritual “clair” gifts (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairgustience, clairessence, claircognizance), to strengthen your personal boundaries.

    • Reinforce TOLPAKAN™ attunement to heal for the benefit of all humanity (weather, traffic, global affairs, any creative endeavor that benefits all).

Embrace your Warrior Light

Be impenetrable to dark and negative energies.

Remove and block harmful extraterrestrial interferences for ever.

Free your life from conflict and heaviness.

Live in a cleaner environment.

Be more productive.

Live lighter and happier.

Have a profoundly positive impact on the planet.

The Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0 Package

  1. Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0 Training (normally valued $5444)
    A four-part comprehensive clearing and protection demonstration and instructional guided video series with Dr. Karen Kan.
    • Module 1 – How to clear yourself and others – with live demonstration
    • Module 2 – How to clear your home and environment – with live demonstration
    • Module 3 – How to clear your electronic devices – with live demonstration
    • Module 4 – How to clear your astral / sleep realms – with live demonstration
  2. Ascension 1 All-in-one Clearing and Protection (normally valued $631)
    Download, play and say goodbye to negative entities, ET’s and any energy causing you harm! Comes in three formats to suit every situation.
    • A 20 minute video (value $277)
    • A 10 minute MP3 (value $177)
    • A 10 minute silent MP3 (value $177)
  3. Ascension 2 All-in-one Healing and Integration (normally valued $1032)
    Download, play and deeply heal! Comes in three formats to suit every situation.
    • A 20 minute video (value $544)
    • A 10 minute MP3 (value $244)
    • A 10 minute silent MP3 (value $244)
  4. BONUS: Clearing Ghosts and Entities: What You Need to Know.
    The complete video Series, with Dr. Karen Kan

    • Video 1 – Entities Explained – Understanding what types of entity and ET interferences people can suffer from
    • Video 2 – Entity S & S – Learn to spot the signs and symptoms of entity interferences in yourself and others
    • Video 3 – Entity Attractor Factors – Understanding why entities are attracted to certain people or places and how to prevent attracting them
    • Video 4 – Entity Clearing Effectiveness – Understanding the difference between effective and ineffective entity clearing and why you’re not allowed to clear entities for certain people.

**Both Ascension products come with instructional videos and an email training series to optimize your clearing and healing experience!

Hi. I’m Dr. Karen Kan…

I’m a licensed Medical Doctor who stumbled upon the very real phenomenon of entity interference through my own journey to wellness.

Being a highly sensitive soul, I became very ill from light, sound, smells, practically everything in my external environment. Conventional medicine didn’t help. So I began to devote my life to holistic healing, which is how I discovered the very harmful negative effects of entity interference.

I was shocked to learn how many people were also affected and experienced negative health symptoms because of it.

I’m now considered the most highly sought after entity clearing expert, globally. I’ve developed the highest potency protection formula for removing entities.

My Light Warrior Bootcamp program is designed to empower you to clear negative entities and raise the healing vibration of this planet.

Strange symptoms explained

I’ve seen 1000’s of patients with all sorts of incredible symptoms and imbalances. Using my TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method, I’ve uncovered extraterrestrial infections, consciousness “invasions”, multiple entity attachments to DNA and insulin receptors, and portals and dimensional rifts in homes. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Almost magically my clients were able to heal on a profoundly deep level once the entity imbalances were cleared.

Doctors don’t know how to treat people who are energy sensitive.

If you feel negatively affected energetically, chances are entities are interfering in your life, causing imbalances and making you feel unwell and ungrounded.


Why I created this program…

​Because I had nowhere to go but “up”, I made some courageous decisions to stop pretending I was someone else and start honoring who I truly was.

I began appreciating my sensitivity as a gift and began training it as a superpower. With the help of key mentors and spiritual healers, I was able to heal myself.

I’ve since written a bestselling book, and have made it my mission to help other sensitive souls harness their hidden gifts so they can fulfil their purpose.

I want to help you go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling calm, clear and connected to your Soul’s Mission. That’s why I developed the Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0 Program.

Bootcamp 3

What Clients Are Saying

Dr. Karen Kan, M.D.

Dr. Karen Kan is a medical doctor and Doctor of Light Medicine. As a #1 bestselling author and an Earth Angel-Starseed (Lemurian) healer, her mission is to help Sensitive Souls heal themselves, harness their gifts as a superpower, and express their Soul’s Mission. What she is really passionate about is empowering sensitive souls like earth angels, indigos, Starseeds, and empaths to shine their light so they can pull the world out of darkness.

Through her Academy of Light Medicine, Dr. Karen teaches her students the 3-step TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method which involves Aligning with the highest Source of information, Asking quality questions through Divine Muscle Testing™ about what needs to heal, and then Activating the high vibrational TOLPAKAN™ Healing frequencies to do the clearing and healing.

Like a spiritual detective, Dr. Karen is able to discern, in great detail, the foundational reasons for the client’s symptoms; and along with expert mentoring, they are empowered to heal even the most challenging health issues. Dr. Karen says, “Working with me is like being tapped into a spiritual supercomputer and I am sort of like Yoda® from Star Wars®, training you to be a Jedi® Master in your own healing.”

Dr. Karen’s Academy of Light Medicine offers multiple self-healing programs as well as training in the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method for self-healing (Level 1) and a 6-month professional certification (Level 2).

Karen Kan

Dr. Karen Kan’s Limited Time Special Offer Package A!

98% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $7,107

Now Only $177




30 day money back guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: