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Evalena Rose

Evalena Rose’s Limited Time Special Offer Package B!

33% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $220

Now Only $147


Item 1

A 45-Minute Private Session with Evalena Rose
(Via Phone or Zoom)
Retail Value: $112.50

Individual Sessions with Evalena Rose are heart-centered audiences with Spirit to help you work through wounds of past lives, release pain from childhood and find the answers you seek!

She is a channel for The Council of Twelve, which includes many light beings, including Melchizedek, Babaji, Christ, Mary Magdalen, St. Germain, Metatron, Aphrodite and Isis.

Many Ascended Masters and Goddess archetypes join the session, depending on YOUR needs. For example, Goddess Kali facilitates clearings of past trauma, other lifetimes or dark energies, and the Divine Mother is invoked in deep healing and inner child work.

“The Council weaves answers to your questions with insights about people, practical solutions, and business guidance.”

With roots in mysticism, spirituality, recovery, and emotional healing, Evalena’s work helps you heal core wounds and draw all of your energy into current time to fully access your true power.

She guides you to release held emotions and access spiritual resources to transmute patterns from childhood or past lives.

Being an empath and intuitive channel helps Evalena discern which rituals, visualizations, embodied movement, or emotional releases will bring you freedom!

Evalena begins by asking you what you’d like from the session and for background information. Using an invocation to create a sacred circle of light, she ensures you are collectively working with the rarefied energies of Ascended Masters.

They call in your Higher Self and those guides from exalted realms who are versed in the very expertise your questions require, and the combined wisdom is spoken through Evalena and recorded for you!

Using her amazing ability to release past lives and cords, Evalena Rose can help you transform fear and anger to pure love from Spirit. Her energetic clearing has the power to clear your body quickly, release emotional patterns, and remove trapped, stuck energy from your cells and organs.

NOTE: You will receive an audio recording of your session with Evalena!

Item 2

10 Guided Femfesting Session Audios


Enjoy all 10 of these guided Femifesting sessions that you can use repeatedly to gain guidance on the path to your fully actualized future in each area covered. Evalena will guide you to sit with your brightest Future Self to feel the power of your dreams in action, the resultant confidence, competency, achievement and fulfillment felt.

As you sit with this loving, happy, clear Future Self, you gain insights into how each of your concerns work out to the best outcome. Because there is no time, this future reality already exists and can inform your present.

Once you’ve relished in your desires already fulfilled (in the months or years ahead of you), you ask Future Self how s/he got there and get to see the best paths to take.

Specific concerns can be addressed by this part of you that has already solved those issues, so you feel capable of making the most effective choices. Then you ask Future Self to guide you, and they become a resource in your unfolding life.

Here are the 10 sessions you will receive:

  1. Radiant Health and Vital Well-Being, Moving Beyond Health Challenges
  2. Evolving a Wealthy Life that Generates Prosperity and Abundance
  3. Understanding Your Life Purpose
  4. Succeeding in the Career of Your Dreams
  5. Sustaining Healthy Relationships in All of Live
  6. Satisfying and Lasting Love and Intimacy
  7. Activating Your Spiritual Evolution
  8. Creating a Balanced Live with Leisure and Play
  9. Developing a Life of Travel and World Citizenship
  10. Enjoying a Peaceful Home in which All Flourish

Item 3

BONUS: Chakra Clearing and Self-Love Meditation mp3

Prepare yourself for a powerful experience as Evalena guides you through an extraordinary visualization process of grounding deep into the earth, releasing old roots to sink new ones deep into a crystalline structure in the earth.

Breathing in a radiant river of Light, you learn to energize and nourish each of your chakras and come to deeply inhabit your core.

Evalena guides you in clearing cords to others, activating and potentiating each chakra, while learning their colors and qualities.

This meditation invites you into a loving relationship with yourself, the Beloved within, and the Divine Beloved, while releasing others’ energies and fully inhabiting your own seat of power.

A favorite among all of her meditations, this is set to music by Hans Christian.

What Clients Are Saying

Evalena Rose, M.A

Evalena Rose, M.A., The Alchemy of Love, has offered counseling and therapy to individuals and couples for 40 years. She blends metaphysical and therapeutic practices with healing work that is multi-dimensional and transformative.

Rose channels The Council of Twelve, co-creating deeply therapeutic and life-affirming sessions and has extensively studied alternative healing, body-centered therapies, energy balancing, soul retrieval, Tantra and recovery from abuse and addictions. The Council of Twelve, one of the ancient Councils of the White Brotherhood of Light, includes Melchizedek, Christ, Babaji, Mary Magdalen, St. Germain, Metatron, Aphrodite, and others.

Evalena Rose

Evalena Rose’s Limited Time Special Offer Package B!

33% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $220

Now Only $147


30 day money back guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: