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Jeffrey Gignac’s Limited Time Special Offer!

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World Renowned Brainwave Scientist teams up with elite healers to provide a “One-Of-A-kind” Service that supports your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.

“…I built a system based on my work with radionics, frequency generators and scalar energy that lets me channel the combined efforts of multiple healers and spiritual masters for the purpose of sending you highly personalized “energy” that you can use for almost anything you desire…” — Jeffrey Gignac

Imagine writing an intention, something you want to happen in this physical reality and then (this is the exciting part) having team of elite healers send you focused, high-vibrational energy for the explicit purpose of assisting you in manifesting your intentions…

…AND, you would receive this Energetic Support this coming Thursday (and every Thursday) by 6:15 PM eastern standard time.

How incredible would that be!

That’s just one of the benefits of Jeffrey Gignac’s Energetic Support Services!

Item 1

12-Months of
Customized Energetic Support Services

How Does Energetic Support Services Work?

Step 1: You will fill out a form and tell Jeffrey and his team who you are and what you want the healers to focus on. With the information you provide, they create a profile and a personalized “energetic blueprint” for you.

Step 2: Jeffrey and his team will send you highly focused, high vibrational energy specifically tuned to you and your intentions.

Step 3: You download and activate the energy by performing some kind of “earth action.” (More on “earth actions” in a bit below.)

Before ESS (Energetic Support Services) this was impossible. There was no way to stack the efforts of multiple healers, light workers and spiritual masters to create and attune energy to your specific needs and then send it to you remotely as if it were super-battery of energy for you to tap into.

Jeffrey Gignac developed a way to do this based on his 19 years of experience with radionics, frequency generators and zero-point energy. It wasn’t easy and the process to achieving nearly killed him but out of sheer necessity, he found a way!

If you want the full scoop on how Jeffrey developed it this process, listen to his interview with me.  It is a great story of necessity! For now, let’s take a closer look at the ESS (Energetic Support Services) process.

A Closer Look at Energetic Support Services

The formula for bringing intention to physical reality is:

Intent + energy + action = reality

You provide the intention and Jeffrey and his team go to work and provide ultra-high vibration energy to assist you in bringing your intentions to life. Part of that equation does involve some appropriate “earth action” to download and activate the energy.

This part is not that difficult. In fact, it’s very easy…

Jeffrey has a simple formula that he teaches all ESS members to help them take appropriate amount of the right type of actions so the energy can come in and move things along.

Here is an example of an intention parried with an appropriate “earth action.” A person asks for healing of chronic inflammation. That’s the intention. An appropriate earth action that activates the energy can be as simple as reciting an affirmation such as “I am grateful for my healing…Thank you, thank you, thank you,” 3 times before bed.

OR, it could be spending a few minutes imagining your life without the chronic inflammation and enjoying activities that you could not before the healing occurred.

The “earth actions” don’t have to be complicated or difficult. In fact, simple and easy is often the best path. As long as you do something that allows the energy to download and activate, you will receive the energy and be support by it.

While Jeffrey and his team can easily create and send you all the energy you need to bring your intention into reality, you need to know that ESS is not a magic pill.

Magic pills (beans, wands and spells) don’t exist.

Here’s What You Need to know…

…Some intentions and goals require a significant amount of healing and clearing of blockages from the “Energetic and Physical Anatomy” before the intention or goal can be manifested.

There are times where it happens quickly and sometimes it takes longer. Depending on what you are asking for and the circumstances that brought you to your current life, it can take longer.

When it comes to complex healings, often a resolution won’t come in until a specific lesson is learned.

While Jeffrey and his team hold monthly live webinars for members to assist in all things related to ESS, the “learning of lessons” is not something they can do for you.

They can clear the path for you, but can’t walk it for you. No one can.

Some members have reported amazing and speedy healings, recoveries, financial windfalls and relationship miracles as a result of receiving ESS, and encourages people to expect miracles and prepare to receive with unlimited abundance and at the same time, accept the divine timing of it all.

Here’s something else you need to know…

Jeffrey’s (Not So Secret) Agenda

Jeffrey and his team’s first priority for each ESS member is to support your wishes, intentions and goals every single week at the highest level.

In addition to supporting what is front and center important for you right now, they also have an underlining agenda.

Their goal for each ESS member and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become a high-vibrational human being capable of healing yourself and others.

Here’s how they are making this a reality for all who want it.

Drawing on nearly 500 years of combined healing experience from their team of healers and spiritual masters, they have created a 12-month process to evolve people into exceptionally high vibrational humans capable of healing themselves and others (if they so choose.)

This process effectively…

  • Repairs any holes in your energetic anatomy regarding your 4 primary wheels of life and your 8 primary aspects of being and behavior.

  • Removes all types of energy blocks preventing the natural flow energy from your 4 primary wheels of life and your 8 primary aspects of being and behavior.

  • Optimizes your ability to receive, channel, focus and utilize high vibrational energy. This is accomplished by systematically cleaning, clearing and upgrading your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual anatomy.

This process is called 12 steps to freedom and vitality!

This is how this process unfolds.


Remembering that Jeffrey and his team’s first priority is to focus on your intentions…

During the first 4 months you will also receive clearing, cleaning, repairing and balancing of your 4 primary Wheels of Life in respects to your 8 aspects of being and behavior.

ESS Month 1:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Universal Happiness Energy (wheel of life #1)

ESS Month 2:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Universal Healthiness Energy (wheel of life #2)

ESS Month 3:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Universal Prosperousness Energy (wheel of life #3)

ESS Month 4:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Universal Peacefulness Energy (wheel of life #4)

The next 8 month focus on aspects of being and behavior as well as optimizing the flow of energy. Widening, optimizing your energetic pathways and removing blocks. This is what allows you to properly focus, channel, concentrate and manipulate your energy, universal energy and the energy we send you.

ESS Month 5:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Grounding Energy

ESS Month 6:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Support Energy

ESS Month 7:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Change Energy

ESS Month 8:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Balance Energy

ESS Month 9:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Sense of well-being Energy

ESS Month 10:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Clarity Energy

ESS Month 11:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Inspiration Energy

ESS Month 12:  They focus on your intentions + Divine Completion Energy


Each week of each month, Jeffery and his team support your intentions and the “energy of the month” by balancing all of the energy that we send you on the 4 levels that connect all of humanity on earth.

Week 1: Balancing the energy with the morphic fields of the “Self”

Week 2: balancing the energy with the morphic fields of “Other” – people you know.

Week 3: balancing the energy with the morphic fields of “Others” – people you don’t know or don’t know yet.

Week 4: Balancing the energy with the Universal Morphic Field. – The entirety of the universe.

Remember, the only thing you have to do to receive all of this is to fill out a simple and secure online form, tell Jeffrey and his team who you are and what you want them to focus on. You’ll also have to do some simple and easy “earth action” to download and activate the energy we send you but beyond that, they take care of all the rest on your behalf.

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One of Jeffrey’s master healers (Gary Savitsky) donated some exceptional bonuses for each person that joins the program.

Gary is a master healer; a master sound healer and he has an incredible spiritual gift. He can connect directly with the Akashic Records, pull energy from them and coalesce that energy into symbols and audios that can be accessed by anyone who wishes to access it.


Each month, Gary will give you a you a divine Calligraphy that represents the “Energy of the Month” (example Divine Universal Healthiness). You can download this symbol to any device and activate that energy to support you on-demand.


Gary also donated 12 connection audios, one for each month. Each audio is 3 minutes and were created using his wide variety of ancient instruments. You get one new one each month that you can stream or download to any device of your choosing.

The sound healing frequencies of these audios are sublime to say the very least. They will assist you in connecting with the personalized energy we send as well as assist in healing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual anatomy above and beyond the energy we send you.


  • 12 Steps to Freedom and Vitality. Become your own healer and achieve the capacity to heal others.
  • Personalized Monthly and Weekly Energetic Transmissions to support your intention and goals.
  • Send Us Your Personal Intentions/ Goals for Energetic Support Via Secure Online Form
  • Update Your Intentions/Goals as Often as You Like
  • 1 Divine Calligraphy Download Each Month (Channeled from the Akashic Records)
  • 1 New “Connection Audio” Each Month (Created by master sound healer Gary Stavisky)
  • Monthly live training, webinar and Q&A with Jeffrey Gignac
  • Dedicated Support System for ESS Members
  • Simple and Easy Process – No Passwords to Remember or Complicated Members area to Navigate
  • All Assets and Resources Delivered Directly to Your Email for Quick and Easy Use
  • Mobile Optimized. You don’t need a computer. Everything will work flawlessly on a phone or tablet.

What Clients Are Saying

  • Very exciting!

    “Just wanted to share: I’m in Month 3 — Divine Universal Prosperousness. Financial issues have been plaguing me for years due to marrying a man who was heavily in debt and then became disabled. More recently, I had to unexpectedly move my 84-year-old mother in to live with me, which is creating an additional financial burden. I just returned from picking up this week’s mail and in it were two checks. I was expecting one — income from some rental properties — but in the nearly 10 years that I’ve owned rental properties, I’ve never ever gotten a check even close to this amount for one month’s rent income. And then there was a second check that was a surprise: a state tax refund from four years ago! I guess this ESS thing must be working in some way!! Very exciting!” ~ Charlene Fu

  • I am learning so much

    “I am learning so much from my ESS and PBF Memberships, and with your compassionate teaching, truth honesty and guidance I am so looking forward to a prosperous New Year. You are truly a teacher that walks the talk and doesn’t hide behind a website, but rather gets out there and maintains a visible presence that inspires ( in-spirit) us all.” ~ Mark Rotherman

  • Feeling the best I've ever felt

    “Thank you Jeff for all your help and all that you do! Your programs have changed my life. I am 63 yes old and feeling the best I’ve ever felt in my life both mentally and physically. Bless you.” ~ Ghia

  • I've had awesome results

    “I’m a founding member of ESS, and just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the program! It’s such an honor and privilege and incredible blessing to be a part of this! I am deeply grateful to you for making this profound level of energetic support both available and affordable! I find the energies support me in every area of my life and enhance everything else I’m doing. I usually add each month’s connection audio to a dedicated playlist and play that on a loop in the background while I’m working on the computer and at night while I’m sleeping and activate and rest the divine calligraphy energies periodically as I’m guided to. It has been extremely effective and I’ve had awesome results in a number of areas.”~ Pamela E

  • I'm so grateful that I see such progress

    “Today I had such wonderful surprises that I want to share with you. My request was in regard of my block for billing what I’m worth. In the beginning of the week I sent an invoice over a subscription of 5 hours coaching to a client …Client called today for how we shall proceed with the monthly payments (I was so surprised as I thought they will only pay once), they want to have 5 hours monthly and I can now bill quarterly in advance. I gave a rebate for advance payment … afterwards the secretary told me that wouldn’t have been necessary. Later in the day a client who is long overdue came with a total different attitude and asked for his invoice. I’m so grateful that I see such progress in my self-opposed block, I felt so much more comfortable in sending an invoice.” ~ Sabrina R.

Jeffrey Gignac

Expert in Brainwave Stimulation

Jeffrey Gignac started his journey at a very young age as one of the youngest people ever to be certified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the age of 15. People from all over the world, including self-help gurus like John Assaraf, have been tapping his brilliance for decades due to his science-based approach for rewiring the brain. He’s been on multiple television and radio shows, and featured at TEDx. Now he has taken his frequency-based technology to the next level.

Recently, Jeffrey was thrown in head-first into the spiritual world of energy medicine and spiritual wellness and has since developed some of the most powerful and inspiring protocols for tapping into what he calls “The Pool of Universal Energy for All.”

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Jeffrey Gignac’s Limited Time Special Offer!

72% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $396

Now Only $110


30 day money back guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: