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Danielle MacKinnon

Danielle MacKinnon’s Limited Time Special Offer!

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Align With Your Spirit Guides & Open Your Psychic Senses

Soul Level Psychic® Development for Beginners Course Starring Your Spirit Guides!

Psychic Development for Beginners

Soul Level Psychic® Development for Beginners is about more than opening your psychic senses! Discover how to work with your spirit Guides to receive psychic data AND to get around all those other “hang ups” around trusting and believing the information!

Instead of reaching out for any psychic information floating about, your Guides will show you exactly what you need to know. Let your Guides be the secret power pill to beginning psychic development!


Why Soul Level Psychic® isn’t your everyday Psychic Development course

The Psychic Reality

Despite being told psychic abilities aren’t real, isn’t there a little part of that has continued to question that?  

The reality is that we’re all born with psychic abilities but by about five years old, we shut them off. Luckily, no matter how long you’ve been intuitively shut off, it’s always possible to re-open!

Heading off the Fears

But opening can be scary. What will your mom say? What will your work colleagues think? Most people embarking on a psychic journey start out with some kind of baggage around it. Maybe you’re worried you won’t be able to do it!

And that’s where Soul Level Psychic® Development for Beginners 101 comes in. This is my beginning psychic development course, but there’s really so much more to it than that. I’ve taken my twenty years of experience and distilled it into this course to give you every possible advantage to help you open more easily and more completely!

Doing ALL of the work

That means, we’re not just going to do the work to OPEN your psychic senses (but will do that too). We’re also going to do the work on the fears, worries, and concerns that come up while you do it and the energetic shifts. Plus, your Spirit Guides are there along with you – giving you additional information, guidance, and support.

It’s really a win-win. To truly open psychically, you must address all the other parts too!

Here’s What You Get With Soul Level Psychic® Development for Beginners

  • No previous intuitive or psychic experience needed. 
  • Create an incredible relationship with your spirit guides.
  • In this class, your spirit Guides will lead you into opening the way YOU open best.
  • You’ll learn how to open more than your psychic sight, hearing, feeling, and knowing (your Guides will help you do this!)
  • The skills you learn help you get psychic info for yourself and for friends too.
  • I teach you my personal method for allowing the intuitive data in only when you want it.
  • The Soul Level Psychic® Development for Beginners course material and the work with your guides helps you feel confident in your intuition faster than opening without your guides.
  • To see the entire Soul Level Psychic® pathway (for fun or certification) click here.

This is for you if you’re ready to open your psychic senses and you want to get started right now.

Item 1

Soul Level Psychic® 101
Online Course
(Retail Value: $397)

Your Guides are Different

There is something special about this psychic development for beginners course that is hard to convey on a written page. When you work with your Guides, they help you dig in to all the right places within so that you can overcome any challenges and truly open. 

They See the Real You

Your Guides know who you are. They know what you MOST need in order to evolve and embrace the sensitive person you really are. What does this mean? It means there’s so much more than simple psychic development going on here. It’s about discovering your best self THROUGH your psychic opening. 

No Psychic Experience Needed!

I’ve specifically designed this course for people who have little to no psychic experience and for people who have. Together we are going to JUMP START your psychic senses! Because here’s the thing.. you already have the ability! I’m simply going to show you how to unlock your secret super power!


  • Six pre-recorded online video lessons delivered one per week
  • Start right away! Lesson 1 delivered immediately
  • No previous intuitive or psychic experience needed
  • Prerequisite for our entire beginner suite of Soul Level Intuitive Coaching®
  • Easily accessible via on smart phone or computer
  • Includes closed captions

Bonus #1

Automatic Writing webinar

There are so many ways to connect with your Guides! In addition to learning how to connect intuitively with your Guides through the Soul Level Method®, you’ll also get my Automatic Writing 101 Class – free!
In this pre-recorded class, I show you how to connect with your Guides to get detailed, helpful, and supportive information in writing!
Learn how to work in conjunction WITH your Guides to get the information, guidance, and assistance you’re looking for – written down, just for you! My technique makes automatic writing easy, approachable, and do-able for everyone!
Many of my Soul Level Psychic® students found learning my automatic writing technique actually deepened their developing connecting with their guides so they had even more trust in their relationship with them!

Bonus #2

Live Animal Intuitive Lab

Originally, these live online webinars began as a way my animal communication students to see each other “in action” however, it has turned to be fun and expansive for my Soul Level Psychic® and Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® students too!

In the live webinar lab my current students (both animal communicators and psychic) and Professional Practitioners get together to watch and learn as various students volunteer do a fun reading in front of the group!

This is a great way to see how it’s done by people who are beginners all the way through to experts. I’m also there – assisting as needed and giving tips and kudos too.

PLUS, as a viewer, you could be selected to receive one of the readings (if you raise your hand!).

What Clients Are Saying

Danielle MacKinnon

Animal Communicator, Intuitive Coach, Author

Danielle MacKinnon, is an animal communicator, intuitive, Soul Level Coach® and the bestselling author of Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance (Beyond Words, 2014,) and Animal Lessons: Discovering Your Spiritual Connection with Animals (Llewellyn, 2017).

Danielle is the creator of the Soul Level Animal Communication® method for intuitive connection with animals and Soul Level Intuitive Coaching®. She personally certifies students in both methods through her online Danielle MacKinnon School.

Danielle has been featured in Conversations with Maria Menounos,  Worth Magazine, The Boston Globe, Miami Herald, NH Chronicle, Sirius radio. Best Psychic Mediums named Danielle to their top 10 list. She’s also one of the “2014 Top 100 American Astrologers and Psychics,” by psychic researcher, Paulette Cooper.

Danielle lives deep in the woods in Maine with her husband (a scientist), and her dog, Tuukka (and they all miss their son who recently started college).

Danielle MacKinnon

Danielle MacKinnon’s Limited Time Special Offer!

25% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $397

Now Only $297

Sold Out

If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 10 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: