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Dipal Shah’s Limited Time Special Offer Package B!

88% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $2,695

Now Only $333

Sold Out

In Package B you get EVERYTHING in Package A:

  • ITEM 1: Quantum Body Awakening Upgrade Karmic Grid Finances

  • ITEM 2: Quantum Body Awakening Upgrade Karmic Grid for Health

  • ITEM 3: Quantum Body Awakening Upgrade Karmic Grid for Relationships

  • ITEM 4: Quantum Body Awakening Clearing Ancestral Karmic Liability

  • ITEM 5: Quantum Body Awakening Clearing Shadow Self and Shadow of Spiritual Interferences


  • ITEM 6: Quantum Body Awakening 24/7 Remote Karmic Debt Healing for Life


  • ITEM 7: Remote Karmic Healing on Relationship, Health, and Finances for your Family Members up to 4 members for 90 days


  • ITEM 8: Silent Karmic Remote Healing Session

PLUS a 30- Minute One-on-One LIVE Karmic Clearing Session with Dipal!

Item 9

30-Minute One-on-One 15 Dimensional Karma Clearing Session with Dipal Shah
(Retail Value: $297)


15th Dimensional Karma Clearing for 30 minutes Will Help You: 

Integrate Quantum Body Awakening High Frequency light and coding within your whole being through the 15 levels of awareness, hara line, chakras, and energy field.

With this healing your life can change quite drastically!

You will begin to attract new people, places, events, opportunities, possibilities, relationships. As a master creator you will feel this new reality you live in and create more in your life for you and your lineage.

Dipal will dissolve only the old karmic imprints that are not in your highest good by connecting with your karmic Grid though the 15th dimension. She will scan through the deep layers of your cells and see how much is alloted, accumulated, present and future karma affecting you in this lifetime.

Once she gets the percentages of how many karmic imprints there are, Dipal and her guides team start the clearing. They need to bring your past energies to completion then you can start to create new seeds that we can nurture consciously with thought forms and actions.

  • Clear and reconnect the Personal Blueprint and DNA Blueprint
  • Clearing Karmic imprints and all 15 levels of Awareness to help illuminate consciousness that is tailored to the unique energy and vibration of your soul at this time
  • Clear all walk-ins, dark energies, portals, wormholes (passageways or tunnels) attached to your 15 chakras as well as outdated beliefs that are no longer aligned with your Souls’ current Divine Plan

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Dipal Shah

DIPAL SHAH is an International Speaker and Spiritual Teacher who provides healing around Karma, Trauma, and much more. She helps people globally who are dealing with pain. She is the creator of Ananda 4 Life, LLC, which provides holistic quantum energy healing services.

From a stressful career in pharmaceutical sales that left her with debilitating digestive issues for over 12 years, Dipal pivoted to energy medicine where she finally found pain relief.  She understands that conventional medicine doesn’t have all the answers and uses her experience to help others switch on the body’s natural healing processes. She has helped thousands of people in over 90 countries get back their quality of life.  


Dipal Shah’s  Limited Time Special Offer Package B!

88% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $2,695

Now Only $333

Sold Out

30 day money back guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: