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Lynne Brodie’s Limited Time Special Offer!

57% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $798

Now Only $222


Realign Your Light Body to Access Your Living Library & Power Tools for Manifestation

Join Lynne Brodie, Professional Alchemist and 12 Dimensional Energy Light Barer, as she calls forth the aspects of herself (past lives) of Goddess Isis, Arch Angel Michael and the Goddess Shahara of Atlantis to realign your light body to 5D to pave the way to access YOUR Living Rainbow Library and 5D Power Tools for instant manifestation of your desires.

Item 1

60-Minute Private Session with Lynne Brodie


This private session with Lynne not only raises your vibration, but it aligns your light body to 5D, which enables you to:

  • Clear, heal and ascend your vibrational light body with 12D Christ Consciousness Energy Lynne’s a portal for and Theta sound healing encoded in Lynne’s Throat Chakra
  • Clearing past lineage programs running that are blocking your path forward.
  • Opening the access to your Living Library you carry within you.
  • Access and utilize the Rainbow Library to reveal all the information you inside you and from the multi-verse you were born with, but was masked when you were born and came through the veil of forgetting as you dropped down to 3D to live a human physical experience.
  • Learn to access your 5D Power Tools.
  • Learn to merge your 5D Power Tools with Your Living Rainbow Library to attain instant manifestation of your desires!
  • Learn how to have a conversation with your Soul and access your Library of knowledge from the multi-verse.

Item 2

A Customized Downloadable mp3


After you your private session Lynne will prepare your custom downloadable MP3 for you to access going forward each day, which:

  • Is embedded with 12th Dimensional Golden Light Energy to support your specific issues.
  • Continually remove blockages and negative energy you receive from the chaotic world around you.
  • Cleanse, heal and align your chakras to keep you in a balanced, blissful state to manifest the life of your desires.
  • Continue to access your Living Rainbow Library for knowledge from the Multi-verse.
  • The 12D Energy continues to support you tapping into and merging your 5D Power Tools to manifest daily.


Lynne Brodie

LYNNE BRODIE, with Akashic records of the Goddess Isis and Shahara, the Goddess of Healing on Atlantis, is known as one of the top strategic visionaries and business intuitives in the world. She moves you or your business off your current plateau to catapult forward to the life you desire. As a professional alchemist, Lynne combines her business acumen, with decades of ancient wisdom, proprietary energy techniques, spiritual awareness, mindfulness, neuroscience, quantum physics, bioenergetics and modern intellect.

Lynne has all 4 psychic Gifts, is a portal for 12th dimensional Christ Consciousness energy that she flows to you, is telepathic, can teleport aka bi-locate and has bi-neural audio re-patterning encoded in her voice to heal and reset your bio-field. She unlocks the alchemy of YOU, activating your flow state and connection to your Sacred Heart, to enable your ability to access your Christ Consciousness and Golden Seeds of Greatness to have more impact in your life.


Lynne Brodie’s Limited Time Special Offer!

57% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value: $798

Now Only $222

Sold Out

30 day money back guarantee

NOTE: No refund will be given after you have your session with Lynne. The 30-Days only applies if you have not yet had your session! If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: