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Tame the Chaos Package!

Are you ready to tame the chaos in your life and find peace within no matter what is happening outside of you? Tammy put together some of her favorite teachings and tools created for REAL people to help you:

  • Master meditation and mindfulness (even if you have no time!)

  • Enhance and tune into your intuition (even if you don’t think you are psychic!

  • Open up to the signs from the Universe (and loved ones on the other side)

  • Ignite your journey to healing the mind and body

  • Surrender ALL your stress and worry to the Universe

  • Call in Elevated Help for every aspect of your life


Item 1: “Living an Elevated Existence JUMPSTART 4-Part Audio Course

Created for REAL people living busy lives who are looking for simple and easy ways to elevated themsleves and tame the chaos around them, this 4-hour workshop features Tammy walking you through LIVE exercises and techniques that work FAST! It includes her:

  • Mastering Meditation & Mindfulness Class (even if you have no time!)

  • Enhancing Intuition and Opening Up to Signs & Synchronicity from the Universe (and Loved Ones on the Other Side)

  • Manifestation Through Elevation

  • The Basics of Mind/Body Healing

  • A Resources Guide with links to Tammy’s favorite tools, CDs and more


“Tammy is definitely a Godsend. She is filled with great information, and knows how to get people inspired — all while making you feel like she is your best friend. ” – Diane A.

“I love this jumpstart package. I am learning so much in such a short amount of time! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with everyone. God bless you!” Marie K.

Item 2: “Surrender Stress & Worry Meditation

Do you have thoughts filled with worry swirling around your head?

Does it seem like everything is going wrong for you?

Are you fearful for a friend, family member or loved one?

It’s time to LET IT GO and hand it off to a Higher Power.  

In this 10-minute meditation/visualization, you will surrender your worries and stressors one by one to a higher power — asking for answers and direction and trusting all will be resolved!

When you get it out of your head and pass it on to be handled, you can relax knowing the Universe has you covered. THEN watch as the the solutions appear!

Item 3: “How to Call In Elevated Help Guide”

Did you know you have an entire TEAM of  what Tammy calls “Elevated Reinforcements” available to you 24 hours a day/7 days a week?

They are literally standing by, waiting for you to ask for their help — whether it’s about a relationship, finances or everyday hiccups that occur.

In this guide, you will discover:

  • A basic prayer (that can be adapted to anything) to help you call in Elevated Help in advance OR right in the moment you need it. 

  • A list of Archangels and their specialities so you know who to call on for what aspect of life

  • A list of Ascended Masters, God, Goddesses & Saints, along with their specialties

  • And a list of unexpected resources you can call on (to inspire you to think outside the box!)


“I have been laid up battled MS recovery and had run out of finances. I did what you said and called in Elevated Help, and all the money I needed for the next two months showed up in less than three hours!” ~ Susan B.

“I have been struggling with a camera problem at work for the past two weeks, and after hearing your talk on Elevated Help, I said a prayer to George Eastman, the founder of Kodak,” asking for help with the camera. Then I went to work and fiddled with the camera, suddenly trying something I had not thought of before and it ended up fixing it. It was such a relief and so instantaneous!” ~ Tracy G.

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