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You're In! Thank you for joining us!

The Living an Elevated Existence Summit Season 5 will take place from January 16, 2017 to April 7, 2017, with live interviews every Tuesday and Thursday at Noon eastern/9 a.m. pacific.

NOTE: Check your e-mail to confirm you email address and get a link to access your bonus gifts, with more detailed information on the season.

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Upgrade Now for Unlimited Access!

We put together 2 special Living an Elevated Existence Summit Packages so you can continue to elevate yourself long after the summit is over.

Both give you complete and unlimited access to the audio from all 24 interviews in the online series — where many of the experts will be demonstrating tools and techniques, and guiding listeners through visualizations and meditations!


Layout 1

The Gold Package includes:

Download all 24 mp3 files and listen on your computer
(both Windows and MAC) or on the go using a mobile device.

One-time payment, with no recurring fees

Only $87!


Layout 1

The Platinum Package includes:

Download all 26 mp3 files and listen on your computer
(both Windows and MAC) or on the go using a mobile device.


BONUS 1: Uncover Signs & Synchronicity from the Universe
2-Part Video Course (3 Hours of Training & Workbook)

Get immediate access to Tammy Mastroberte’s latest Signs & Synchronicity video course, which includes:

  • Tammy’s morning prayer to activate signs and synchronicities quickly
  • An easy exercise to JUMPSTART signs from your loved ones
  • An easy exercise to receive signs from your guides
  • Common ways signs & synchronicity show up in your life (and how to spot them!)
  • An exercise to uncover synchronicity in your past that will help with your future (you WILL find PROOF the universe is working on your behalf, even when it doesn’t seem like it!)
  • A meditation technique to raise your vibration and open your awareness to signs and synchronicity
  • How to increase your awareness of signs and synchronicity
  • Clear limiting beliefs blocking you from receiving signs (Using EFT)
  • A 10-Page Workbook PDF

BONUS 2:  How to Deal with Unexpected Challenges with
Tammy Mastroberte (mp3 Class) — Retail Value: $97

Whether it’s a health diagnosis, the death of a loved one, moving to a new home or a flight delay at the airport, we ALL face unexpected challenges. Tammy shares her 4-step process for dealing with anything life throw your way!

You will learn:

  • The 3 keys to handling challenges the “elevated” way
  • A 5-step process to help you when faced with an unexpected challenge
  • The FIRST thing to do when a challenge hits
  • How to “reframe” challenges to view them differently
  • A prayer to use for help (and call in “elevated reinforcements”)
  • And More!

BONUS 3: Access to 5 Back Issues of Elevated Existence Magazine
(Not Available Anywhere Else!)

Each issue is digital (viewable on any device) and interactive with live links, video and more!

Issue included are:

June 2017 Issue with Mike Dooley | September 2016 Issue with Anita Moorjani | June 2016 Issue with Serena & Saje Dyer (on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Life After Death Messages) | September 2015 Issue with Fran Drescher | June 2013 Issue with Alanis Morrissette

BONUS 4: LIVE Q&A Call (and Meditation) with Tammy Mastroberte, founder of Elevated Existence & Elevated Existence Magazine in April 2018

Once the summit is over, YOU will still have access to a LIVE Q&A call with Tammy. As the founder of Elevated Existence, Elevated Existence Membership and Elevated Existence Magazine, she will take your questions on all things spiritual and self-improvement, including:

Manifestation | Mind/Body Healing | Enhancing Intuition | Connecting to Angels & Guides | Opening to Signs & Synchronicity | Creating a Consistent Spiritual Practice | Staying Connected to Spirit | Meditation and Mindfulness


PLUS: She will walk everyone through a LIVE meditation to reconnect with Spirit,
and the call will be recorded so you will own the mp3 for life!

Retail Value: $554

Now Only $147!