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BONUS: “How to Uncover & Understand Signs & Synchronicity from the Universe (and Loved Ones on the Other Side)
3-Part Video Course 

Get immediate access to Tammy Mastroberte’s latest Signs & Synchronicity video course, which includes:

  • Tammy’s morning prayer to activate signs and synchronicities quickly
  • An easy exercise to JUMPSTART signs from your loved ones
  • An easy exercise to receive signs from your guides
  • Common ways signs & synchronicity show up in your life (and how to spot them!)
  • An exercise to uncover synchronicity in your past that will help with your future (you WILL find PROOF the universe is working on your behalf, even when it doesn’t seem like it!)
  • A meditation technique to raise your vibration and open your awareness to signs and synchronicity
  • How to increase your awareness of signs and synchronicity
  • Clear limiting beliefs blocking you from receiving signs (Using EFT)
  • A PDF Workbook
  • And MORE


“I’ve been doing the Morning Prayer for 2 weeks now, and I wanted to share this…I had to make a bunch of calls on my day off and the last was to look at a schedule of local dental seminars because I need a certain amount of credits to renew my hygiene license. Instead of calling, I decided I would be better off just looking up the website, and was going to do it after I went to the grocery store. I was in line and this girl put all this stuff on the counter and I said “Looks like a work function” and she said yes, she coordinates local dental seminars, and it was the exact same person I was going to look for information from — I would call that a synchronicity!” – Kathy S.

“You talked about how deceased loves ones can contact you through signs … I followed your instructions and that same day received three different signs form my daughter who passed almost 3 years ago. Words cannot describe my feelings. I’m grateful for the information I received from you and look forward to more.” – Richard S.

“Thanks so much for your insight Tammy! I love seeing signs. Somehow I feel more ‘connected’ when I notice the signs and synchronicities in my life. I agree with all you have taught and implemented many of these healing modalities into my life. Life just keeps getting better! ” – Monica S.  

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