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Thank you for purchasing Evalena Rose’s Living an Elevated Existence Summit Season 7 Package B!

Congratulations on your purchase of Evalena Rose’s Special Offer Package B as part of the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 7!

Here is how to access your materials:

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Download your 10 Meditations and Introduction here:

Instruction on Using These Meditations

1.   Radiant Health and Vital Well-Being, Moving Beyond Health Challenges

2.  Evolving a Wealthy Life that Generates Prosperity and Abundance;’

3. Understanding Your Life Purpose

4. Succeeding in the Career of Your Dreams

5. Sustaining Healthy Relationships in All of Life

6. Satisfying and Lasting Love and Intimacy

7. Activating Your Spiritual Evolution

8. Creating a Balanced Life with Leisure and Play

9. Developing a Life of Travel and World Citizenship–wJUjPZg7QD1Djts8y

10/ Enjoying a Peaceful Home in which All Flourish

Download your Chakra Healing Meditation:

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